AI generated image of a sad yeti.
AI generated image of a sad yeti.

It's been a great ride.

In late autumn 2013 a team of 1 brave woman and 9 mustached men went up to the Swiss mountains. Their mission was to create a product for the world within 72 hours. While the snow was falling, the isolated team united their force, talent, and wisdom. By the time Davos was covered in white sparkling snow, was born.

We believe the idea of having a simple tool that does one thing and does it well—crafting good-looking and easy-to-use event pages—still applies. However, our priorities have shifted, and we do not have the resources to put in the work necessary to meet our standards. After almost 10 years, the time has come to say farewell.

We will be sunsetting by the end of 2023. We've already disabled the creation of new events. Existing events will remain untouched until we decommission the servers by the end of the year.

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